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fleet management

  • Tracking telematics: Provides real-time insights into vehicle location and performance.
  • Online vehicle management: Facilitates streamlined oversight of the entire fleet.
  • Driver management tools: Monitor driver behavior and performance for optimization.
  • Key management features: Regulate access to vehicles to enhance security.
  • Fuel management capabilities: Optimize fuel usage and reduce costs.
  • Traffic fine management tools: Monitor and address violations efficiently.
  • Proxy management: Ensures authorized access for designated personnel.
  • Vehicle geo-action alerts: Provide timely notifications for location-based events.
  • Robust reporting functionalities: Offer detailed insights for informed decision-making.
  • Document and license management: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Integrated platform: Offers a comprehensive solution for fleet management and compliance.
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biometric access

  • Biometric facial recognition: Utilizes algorithms to analyze facial features and create a digital template for identity verification.
  • Real-time operation: Can capture and analyze facial data rapidly for authentication purposes.
  • Fingerprint recognition: Relies on unique patterns of ridges and valleys on fingertips for authentication.
  • Digital fingerprint creation: Scans and converts fingerprint patterns into digital format for comparison.
  • Accuracy: Fingerprint recognition is widely regarded as highly accurate due to the stability and distinctiveness of fingerprints.
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  • Comprehensive solution: Access control scanners offer a complete approach to managing entry points and enhancing security in estates.
  • Categorized visitor management: Guards efficiently regulate access by categorizing visitors into distinct groups like visitors, contractors, or authorized personnel.
  • Intuitive interfaces: Guards can easily assign access permissions to each category, ensuring streamlined entry processes while maintaining strict security protocols.
  • Flexible monitoring: Allows seamless monitoring and management of incoming traffic, enabling prompt granting or denial of access based on predefined criteria.
  • Advanced authentication technologies: Integration of biometric scanners or RFID cards enhances security measures and provides additional verification layers to prevent unauthorized entry.
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fine management

  • Legal representation: Ensures fair treatment and favorable outcomes for clients facing traffic fines.
  • Fine negotiation: Advocates for reduced penalties or favorable payment terms with authorities.
  • Automated fine redirection: Streamlines traffic violation processing and payments through automation.
  • AARTO Act compliance: Manages fines under relevant legislation, ensuring adherence to regulations.
  • Proxy ownership services: Enables authorized representation of vehicle owners in fine-related affairs.
  • Comprehensive solutions: Minimizes financial and legal implications with holistic traffic violation enforcement solutions.
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mobile drive

  • Innovative app: Mobile Drive revolutionizes access control and driver identification.
  • User-friendly interface: Intuitive design for enhanced user experience.
  • Advanced functionality: Streamlines access management and driver verification.
  • Secure access: Ensures only authorized individuals enter restricted areas.
  • Reliable identification: Robust features verify drivers of company vehicles.
  • Comprehensive solution: Complete package for access control needs.
  • Enhanced security: Integrated technology strengthens facility and vehicle security.
  • Operational efficiency: Saves time and resources for businesses.
  • Simplified complexity: Makes access control and verification hassle-free.
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proxy management

  • Comprehensive service: CANCOM provides a one-stop solution for traffic fines, licensing, and vehicle registration.
  • Expertise: With extensive experience, CANCOM handles all processes proficiently.
  • Timely submissions: Ensures on-time documentation submission to prevent penalties.
  • Negotiation: Advocates for clients with authorities to resolve fines or disputes.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensures actions comply with regulations to avoid legal issues.
  • Administrative relief: Offloads administrative burdens, freeing client resources.
  • Peace of mind: Clients can focus on core activities, trusting CANCOM's capable handling.
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  • Decrypts license data: Capable of decrypting encrypted info within South African licenses.
  • Validates authenticity: Verifies licenses to prevent counterfeiting or tampering.
  • Ensures compliance: Ensures only valid licenses are accepted, aiding regulatory compliance.
  • Fraud prevention: Detects inconsistencies to prevent identity fraud and misuse.
  • Streamlines verification: Automates validation, enhancing security and saving time.
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licensing & registration                           

  •   Turnkey solution for vehicle licensing and registration.
  •   Manages all requirements from fleet inception to de-fleeting.
  •   Automates renewal process for all vehicles.
  •   Renewals processed automatically or upon request.
  •   WEB Based system, password protected.
  •   Renewed documents delivered directly to you.


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